Does a Dog Know When Someone Dies?

Does a Dog Know When Someone Dies?

We recently experienced the death of my soul mate here at our home. We were together for two years that felt like it had been so much longer. His dog, Garfield, moved in with us before he did. We knew right away it would be forever. When that ended abruptly one Saturday night, the dogs […]

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Sit. Stay. Please?Featured

Sit. Stay. Please?

Top 5 Commands for You and Your Dog to Master Today our blog post comes from mymagazine.us MEET OUR EXPERT Jeff Silverman,Certified Dog Behavior Consultant at Training TracksW When it comes to a happy, healthy relationship with your furry best friend, the key is understanding dog language — which doesn’t include English. “The biggest problem we have […]

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Smelly PetsFeatured

Smelly Pets

5 Ways to Deal with Them Today’s post comes from our friends at Chewy.com Let’s be honest: sometimes having a pet stinks. Literally. Maybe your dog got caught in the rain or rolled in something unsavory. Maybe your he just has bad breath. No matter the cause, here are five tips to help you prevent […]

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Do Dogs Know Themselves?Featured

Do Dogs Know Themselves?

The classic self-recognition test gets a makeover for dogs, using smell not sight By Julie Hecht, September 2017 Dogs know individuals. Your dog knows I am not you and you are not me. Your dog knows that Rudy down the block is exceptional at playing, but Spot is not. If dogs can recognize individuals, and […]

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Top Tips for Moving with PetsFeatured

Top Tips for Moving with Pets

Like any big changes in life, moving is stressful.  Even if you’re heading into your dream home, chances are that frustrations will surface and tempers will flair.  Here is how to keep things running smoothly throughout the moving process.   Plan ahead.  Doing a great job of packing your belongings is the perfect place to start.  […]

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Budget-Conscious Tips for New Pet OwnersFeatured

Budget-Conscious Tips for New Pet Owners

Whether you’re young or old, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of bringing home a pet for the very first time. It’s a unique, loving relationship that enriches your life in ways you don’t even suspect. A pet-owner relationship is founded on trust; a trust that starts with bringing home an animal to make part […]

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Now Serving Frozen Pup Treats!Featured

Now Serving Frozen Pup Treats!

Summer is here!! As it gets warmer, there’s more outdoor fun to be had; park play, beach outings and backyard BBQs. It’s all so much better with our furry friends, but as it gets hotter, it’s easier for our furries to get overheated and dehydrated. That’s when our pups deserve a frozen treat!! Frozen doggy treats […]

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Your Dog’s Appetite

Your Dog’s Appetite

Just about everyone who shares their life with a dog has experienced that sinking feeling when they realize Rover isn’t eating the way he used to. It may not mean anything is seriously awry with your dog’s health, but appetite is a barometer that can indicate how he or she is feeling. It’s important to […]

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