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Sit. Stay. Please?Featured

Sit. Stay. Please?

Top 5 Commands for You and Your Dog to Master Today our blog post comes from mymagazine.us MEET OUR EXPERT Jeff Silverman,Certified Dog Behavior Consultant at Training TracksW When it comes to a happy, healthy relationship with your furry best friend, the key is understanding dog language — which doesn’t include English. “The biggest problem we have […]

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Do Dogs Know Themselves?Featured

Do Dogs Know Themselves?

The classic self-recognition test gets a makeover for dogs, using smell not sight By Julie Hecht, September 2017 Dogs know individuals. Your dog knows I am not you and you are not me. Your dog knows that Rudy down the block is exceptional at playing, but Spot is not. If dogs can recognize individuals, and […]

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Leading the Pack

Leading the Pack

Six Tips for Letting Your Dog Know You’re the Alpha I recently came across this article from www.mymagazine.us in a City Market magazine. I think you will find it as helpful as I did. Have you ever found yourself standing in the yard calling for your dog, only to have your so-called best friend stare […]

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