South Florida Area

Nicole Barnhorst

Hi, I’m Nicole. I am a Domestic Goddess. Originally from New Orleans, my family has not so recently settled here in Hollywood. I am a mom to 2 girls and a little boy. We have always had a dog and a few kitties here and there. Your pet is sure to get pampurred with me. I am available for visits to your home for vacation pet care, daily doggy walks and boarding for your small furever friend in my home. 

Meryl Oshins

Hi my name is Meryl. I am a Miami Native and have lived in Dania Beach for 20 years. I am a dog parent of two beautiful babies, Luna and Rickey. I can’t remember a time when dogs have been anything less than central to my life! I offer cageless boarding in my home.Your dog will enjoy the big fenced yard, continuous access to air conditioned indoor play areas, tons of toys and endless love. I have separate accommodations for big dogs, small dogs for daycare, and extended stays. You can rest easy when you leave your babies with me.

Priscilla Emery

Hi there! My name is Priscilla Emery and I’ve been living in South Florida for 17 years. Growing up and until now, I’ve always had pets. I have 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 kids and am available for dog walks, pet visits, and/or cageless boarding. I love animals and am happy to assist in any pet needs. I prefer to stay in the Hollywood/Hallandale area.

Victoria Oscier

Hi, I’m Victoria, your pets new best friend. While you’re on vacation they will be too! I’ve been caring for animals since I was 1 years old. I grew up on my aunts farm in Tennessee taking care of 35 dogs, 15 cats, horses, goats, pigs…well, you get it. Caring for your furry friend won’t be a job to me but a privilege. Can’t wait to meet your fur baby <3 

Luciana Coelho

Hi, my name is Lulu. Ever since I was little, I have felt a deep connection to nature and animals. I am a mother of three amazing children (who so happen to be animal lovers), but I am also a mama to any animals that I come in contact with! We have three cats, two dogs and one really old guinea pig. I would love to meet and care for your pets either at your home or mine, provided they get along with my crew. 

Lydia Shelley

Hello! I am Lydia. I’ve been pet-sitting since I was a kid in southwestern Ohio, and house-sitting for almost that long. Over the years I’ve had all sorts of small critters ranging from dogs, cats and birds to rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, and mice as well as turtles, frogs, fish and hermit crabs. I’ve lived in central Hollywood since 1984, with my husband and our children, most of whom are now grown. For the time being, I can also provide daily or occasional pet visits and/or dog-walking for pet parents.

Kortni Couch

Hi, I’m Kortni. I am a stay-at-home mom and a native to south Florida! I have been pet-sitting for as long as I can remember. Anything from horses, dogs and cats to lizards and rats. I have a strong love for animals and can’t think of any other job that would fit me quite like pet-sitting. I am available anytime for walks, drop-in visits or boarding!

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