We Highly Recommend Lucky Dogs

I have had Annette sit our precious dog, Sierra, on numerous occasions. Whenever I call her she has been very accommodating and professional. Best of all my dog loves going there and staying with her. She pulls me to her front door and comes home looking great and happy. I would highly recommend her as a sitter.

Eric & Donna Finkelberg

Dear Annette,

Thank you for taking such good care of Erin, PJ, Myer, Freckles and Sammy 🙂

Kelly, Tom & the 4 FurChildren

Firstly, Satori is my “baby.”


Annette Filecci has taken care of our dog, Satori, a Belgium shepherd, on multiple occasions. He comes everywhere with me–even work and I love him dearly.
My husband and I are very picky about who we trust to take care of him for a couple of reasons. We love him so much and only want the best for him. Secondly, although he’s a great dog and we’ve spent a lot of time on training which has more than paid off, he’s a powerful breed and smart. Because he’s so smart, he could pull the wool over a lot of humans eyes and get away it. Because he’s a powerful breed, we need to know that the person who is taking care of him has the confidence, knowledge and experience to handle a dog like this. Annette is all of these things. She has a ton of experience handling all types of dogs with confidence. She also has a genuine love for the animals and they pick up on it and love her back. When Satori sees Annette he runs up to her and bathes her in loving licks! Satori recently spent two weeks with Annette while we went to Mexico to get married and have our honeymoon. I didn’t worry one second about being so far away for so long while he was being cared for by Annette. I was confident that he was having a great time, which is exactly what happened. While staying with Annette, he is always so happy in her environment and fits right in with the family which gives my husband and I total peace of mind to enjoy our vacations.

Beth & Ali Witherspoon
Lucy n Phoebi

I have two labs, that take me for a walk. I called Annette to help me, after one of them dragged me when seeing another dog. After just a month of leash training, my dogs were letting me walk them!!! In addition, Annette is so loving with my dogs that, when they see her their tails don’t stop wagging!
Besides all of her amazing pet loving qualities, Annette is a trust worthy person, who has a key to my house, so she can take my labs out during the day, while I’m at work!
Anyone that uses Luckydogs petsitting is in for a treat!

Cindy Behar

Thank you again for taking so good care of my dogs.


I have been recommending you and your service to anybody asks me what to do with their dogs when traveling: leaving your dogs behind it’s as painful as necessary all the times, but I’m lucky I found you and your unique way of pet sitting.
There is no boarding in cages or small rooms filled with dogs left on their own most of the time: you keep them in the warm of your own house, let them interact with your kids and give them as much love as they need in order to feel save in a new environment! There is no sadness in my dogs’ face when they are dropped at your place: they know they will be HAPPY.

Francesca Benevenuti

Peace of Mind


Lucky Dogs offers me peace of mind whenever I need to be away from home. Always very professional and responsive to our needs.

Jennifer H

For these reasons I highly recommend Lucky Dogs Petsitting Service.


Annette and her family have been watching my dog during long weekends and vacation time for about a year and a half. I have left my 3 year old Swiss Hound, Fletch with her at least 6 times. Annette is always accommodating and loving with my dog.
He always enjoys his time at her house, both with the other dogs and her children. Annette offers reasonable rates and is even able to assist in the pick-up or drop-off of my dog if necessary.

Michael Cantarutti

Yours Truly


Thank you for the excellent care my “puppies” received. I was very happy with Annette Filecci. I plan to use her again soon.

Esther Dichter

Its even better than being home!


We recently moved to South FL and don’t know anyone down here and so we were nervous about finding a good place to leave our dog (Blue). We were used to leaving him with someone in the family and we were dreading having to start leaving him in kennels. We found Annette with Lucky Dogs Pet Sitting in a round-about way and could not be more happy with the arrangement.
Leaving Blue with Annette is as good or better than leaving him with our family. His tail literally starts wagging when we turn onto her block. We say it’s like bringing him to camp. He loves her kids and I like that he sometimes gets to play with other dogs while he’s there so he gets to socialize. We’ve stopped bringing his crate because he prefers to snuggle up with Annette’s daughter–it’s even better than being home for him! My husband is in the Coast Guard and I travel for work so we often have last minute requests and she’s always available and able to take him. The prices are very reasonable and Annette is a great person for me to interact with and clearly comfortable and easy going with the dogs. She has my highest recommendation!

Mike & Malea Nalli

Annette has been a godsend to us and our dogs

Sushi n Rocky

We have two chihuahuas (Sushi & Rocky) that she has been taking care of for over two years. Rocky doesn’t like anyone… but the photos she texts me of him receiving belly rubs from Annette shows that he loves her! I also truly appreciate her meticulous notes of her visits and the fact that she touches base with me during our time away. She always responds immediately when I have a question and is always there for us. Like most people, we consider our dogs family and we know that they are in good hands with Annette.

Candace & Stephan Maloman

Pepi had a Wonderful Week


Pepi is very active and loves to play. Annette’s children kept him busy all day playing ball and even allowed him to sleep with them at night. I highly recommend Annette and fell totally condident that Pepi is in good hands.

Theresa Masso Einhorn

You loved Colby when I couldn’t be there

On behalf of me & Colby, I can’t thank you enough for your help over the past few weeks. These have been some of the hardest weeks of my life & you have been a god-send – you are flexible, reliable and understanding of my financial situation. And you have loved Colby when I couldn’t be there. I am soo grateful!

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