Daily Dog Walks:

For pet parents who must work away from home, Lucky Dogs Pet Sitting offers daily dog walks and will visit as often as you wish. Every dog enjoys the walking in the great outdoors and the fresh air and exercise are good for them.

Dog Runs: If your pooch prefers a perkier pace, we are available for dog running in the cooler hours of the morning or evening.

Some dogs are more social than others, and if your canine companion enjoys running with the pack, Lucky Dogs Pet Sitting can take them to one of our local dog parks and/or beaches.

Going on vacation, but don’t want us to sleep over?
Lucky Dogs Pet Sitting can visit your pets several times throughout the day for Vacation Pet Care. We will always make sure your pets:

Have an ample supply of fresh water, Are fed on schedule, Get taken for their usual daily dog walks, Enjoy devoted love and attention during special, fun, play time, Receive the proper dosage of any medications they need, on schedule

Cageless Boarding & Doggy Daycare:

Lucky Dogs Pet Sitting will board your dog in a cage-free, at-home, family setting where they will not be lonely or alone. You’ll bring your pets’ own bedding, food, toys, and treats to your pet sitter’s home to drop off with your pet(s). Due to the socializing with other pets, for boarding your pet must be spayed/neutered, up-to-date on all vaccinations, free of ticks/fleas/worms and well-groomed.

Pet/House Sitting:

We know your pets don’t enjoy being left home alone, and you don’t like leaving them or upsetting their routine. It can give you peace of mind when you can’t be there, to have your Lucky Dogs Pet Sitter in your home, providing the love and affection they are accustomed to. Whether you live in a single family home, townhouse, apartment or yacht: we are available for short- or long-term overnight pet and house sitting at your own residence, to keep watch over your furbabies and or treasured possessions.

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