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Does a Dog Know When Someone Dies?

Does a Dog Know When Someone Dies?

We recently experienced the death of my soul mate here at our home. We were together for two years that felt like it had been so much longer. His dog, Garfield, moved in with us before he did. We knew right away it would be forever. When that ended abruptly one Saturday night, the dogs […]

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Sit. Stay. Please?Featured

Sit. Stay. Please?

Top 5 Commands for You and Your Dog to Master Today our blog post comes from mymagazine.us MEET OUR EXPERT Jeff Silverman,Certified Dog Behavior Consultant at Training TracksW When it comes to a happy, healthy relationship with your furry best friend, the key is understanding dog language — which doesn’t include English. “The biggest problem we have […]

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Do Dogs Know Themselves?Featured

Do Dogs Know Themselves?

The classic self-recognition test gets a makeover for dogs, using smell not sight By Julie Hecht, September 2017 Dogs know individuals. Your dog knows I am not you and you are not me. Your dog knows that Rudy down the block is exceptional at playing, but Spot is not. If dogs can recognize individuals, and […]

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