Firstly, Satori is my “baby.”

Annette Filecci has taken care of our dog, Satori, a Belgium shepherd, on multiple occasions. He comes everywhere with me–even work and I love him dearly.
My husband and I are very picky about who we trust to take care of him for a couple of reasons. We love him so much and only want the best for him. Secondly, although he’s a great dog and we’ve spent a lot of time on training which has more than paid off, he’s a powerful breed and smart. Because he’s so smart, he could pull the wool over a lot of humans eyes and get away it. Because he’s a powerful breed, we need to know that the person who is taking care of him has the confidence, knowledge and experience to handle a dog like this. Annette is all of these things. She has a ton of experience handling all types of dogs with confidence. She also has a genuine love for the animals and they pick up on it and love her back. When Satori sees Annette he runs up to her and bathes her in loving licks! Satori recently spent two weeks with Annette while we went to Mexico to get married and have our honeymoon. I didn’t worry one second about being so far away for so long while he was being cared for by Annette. I was confident that he was having a great time, which is exactly what happened. While staying with Annette, he is always so happy in her environment and fits right in with the family which gives my husband and I total peace of mind to enjoy our vacations.

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